Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal baby

Yes I am I don't give a crap about the Royal baby. I hope the baby is healthy, ( as I would any baby), but when CNN, Fox and it seems every news outlet is turning into Royal Baby central...that's just sad.

At the moment in this world of ours, there's a suspected serial killer in Cleveland, a massive earthquake in China, Egypt is still in complete turmoil, the UK is banning online porn, our economic growth is stalled, millions of encrypted radios for the Marshals service have been stolen allowing terrorists to listen to confidential VIP movements, Detroit is bankrupt, children have been poisoned in India, China has detained an English background investigator, there is a need to stabilize the Chinese currency and their economy... but turn the TV on and what you will see is the Royal baby!

This story should be relegated to a funny spot on the boring shows...and that's it.

More important things happening in life.

End of rant.

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