Friday, September 20, 2013

New iPhone...beware of the hidden charges, I phone not $399 but $435!!!!

                                                                So you want a shiny new iPhone 5S?

Remember that...


If you're like me and an AT&T customer, beware...on top of the $399.00 you will pay for a 64G iPhone 5S AT&T will slap a $36.00 upgrade fee.

What's that for I hear you asking? Well the technical term for this is "fleecing", that is just to fleece you out of some more money, for no actual reason. It costs AT&T no extra money to upgrade you, it's all automated.

It's a charge that will appear on your AT&T bill not in the Apple store, it's a rip off, it has pissed me off.  The only reason to stay with AT&T might be the one feature Verizon and Sprint do not have and that's the ability to conduct multiple activities at once, (so if you're on a call you could also do a web search). I have the $36.00, but feel resentful getting gauged yet again by a large company.

would appreciate thoughts on this.

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