Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Do you need a box?

Today Microsoft announced a new XBOX.  It's very nice, web connected, shiny new, makes cappuccino, (OK it doesn't), but my question is...do you need a box?  Are we not at the stage that I go to a menu on my TV and select a game I want to play, subscribe to a cloud based games service, buy that game, play it live on the TV and when I get bored, (around the eighth hour), I can just switch over to TV.  CD ROMS have gone the way of the arc, DVD's have one foot in the grave and the other one slipping, games on CDR must be going the same way.

Will games remain platform unique, if you were a game producer, wouldn't you just make it available on the web and that captures everyone?  I don't think you need a box, drive it all from the cloud, make that game available on your TV, PC, Tablet and smart phone.

The new XBOX does have some cool features, Kinect of course, (but that can be built in a TV); 500 gigs of hard drive, (but that can be cloud driven); a snazzy controller, (should come standard with every new TV); built in SKYPE for conference call playing, (really? they shouldn't need SKYPE for that); voice control, (well that worked so well for Apple); online gaming driven by 300,000 servers, (my point exactly why do you need the box?). And as an added bonus, all your old XBOX games...wait for it...will NOT work on the new box!  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how to win friends and influence people Microsoft!

What you could do though is buy one, keep it in the box and wait for it's antique value to grow!

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