Thursday, May 16, 2013


Why am I doing this?  I have a few opinions and thoughts. Maybe not intelligent and lucid, but thoughts non the less.

My thought today is how can Apple (who I am an admitted fan boy), could get their cloud computing so wrong.  I would love iCloud to work well just once. I would love for it to be a completely integrated cloud solution for all my mac needs.  I have had my "ecosphere" within Mac for years, my music, photos, email, my documents. I have even designed pages on iWeb, but now for example, if you create a website on iWeb you cannot publish through the cloud,( you used to be able to through MobileMe).  I have been trying to upload a Keynote presentation to the cloud, and it only uploads part of it.  Keynote, (which as you will probably know is Apple's far superior version of Powerpoint), a MAC product, doesn't synch with the iCloud another Mac product.

I own a chunk of Apple stock and have seen it drop and drop over the past couple of months. Unlike every other iPhone before, I didn't buy the iPhone 5.  There just isn't any real differentiating reason to do so.  I got burnt on the iPhone 4s, with SIRI the wondergirl, who doesn't understand anything I say and does even less than that.

Apple, get your shop in order!

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  1. I agree Malcolm
    Apple really need to up their game I am having issues with Airplay and Airprint the forums are full of people with the same or similar issues
    The beauty of Apple was the way everything worked (together) and the way they knew what we wanted before we did
    Unfortunately they have lost their way.
    Bluetooth has developed into a more diverse and ultimately more reliable way for peripherals to communicate and the Google brained hardware is moving forward at a pace that Apple used to with a more open and customisable interface.
    It takes something or someone (Mr Jobs) very special to perceive and produce such innovation and maybe Apples went with him