Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I would like to pitch you all a business idea...

It involves people paying thousands of dollars, to sit in rooms and listen to other people with years and years of knowledge talking for free.  I get the talent for free and the audience pays thousands for the pleasure, plus they usually travel, stay in a hotel, eat stuff called food then spend hundreds of dollars each getting each other drunk and networking.

This is the most genius business on earth.

Firstly, it plays on all of our egos to get up on a stage and pretend we know more than the people in the audience.  The audience then loves the fact that they get to interact with you, the supposed expert, and maybe a business tie is made.

Attendees sit and learn in various speeches, panels and break outs.  Really?

I once spoke at a conference in NY for marketing to Tweens and Teens.  I stood on stage and said the following, (I paraphrase myself here);

"If you need to take advice from me, and are looking for me to solve any of your marketing problems you're in deep sh*t"."

Now I know this is a cynical post, but really, if you need to drop $3K listening to me on a stage, or anyone, (other than obviously Oprah and Dr. Phil), then you're in deep sh*t!   If you are really invested and involved in your business you shouldn't need to listen to anyone on a stage to learn the business you're already meant to know.

The smartest person in the room and the one we can all learn from is the event organizer...they're the one's driving the Ferrari's lol.

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  1. Nice post ... I like to think conferences like these keep communications people employed!